Sarti in Halkidiki is among the most wanted travel destinations on the Sithonia peninsula. When arriving at Sarti you will have a stunning look on the village. You can see the enormous beach with a crystal blue sea in front of Sarti and impressive green mountains surrounding the village. When entering the village you will feel immediately that you've entered a small cosmopolitan tourist resort; Small streets full of rented rooms, hotels and apartment buildings, numerous souvenir and tourist shops, different traditional food shops, supermarkets, taverns, bars, restaurants and a lot of tourists.

At the promenade at the seaside you will find many taverns and restaurants, giving you a magnificent view at the sea, the Mount Athos peninsula and on a clear day you can see some of the famous monasteries across the bay.

Apart from the hotels and numerous of rooms to let and apartment houses, there are also some known camping grounds in the surroundings of Sarti, equipped with all the necessary facilities and with beautiful beaches that are certainly worth a visit.


Nightlife in Sarti is well developed. In the village there are enough clubs and bars. Close to the village you will find the most famous beach bars of Sithonia which give you a magnificent view on the Holy Mountain at sunrise. Sarti in Sithonia is definitely the place to be!


Nikiti is one of the oldest villages of Halkidiki. The village Nikiti consists of two parts, the old and the new village. They are split up by the main road Halkidiki - Sithonia. Nikiti, located at the Toronean Gulf, has a 30 km coastline with beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea water. Some of the beaches are awarded with the Blue Flag for safety & services, water quality and environmental information.

Every friday morning, till 13:00, there is a traditional market in Nikiti where you can buy the famous honey and other local products. In Nikiti there is a wide selection of variety in accommodation; from cheap rooms to let houses till luxurious resorts. You will find two big supermarkets on the main road and ATM machines, pharmacies, restaurants, taverns, bars, cafes along with other shops selling local products around the village.

Neos Marmaras

Neos Marmaras in Halkidiki is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Sithonia. It's location is the west side of the Sithonia peninsula, between the villages Nikiti and Toroni. Distance from Thessaloniki is approximately 110 km and 100 km from the Thessaloniki Airport, where one of our ecxellent cars will be waiting for you to give you a pleasant trip to Marmaras! Contact us now to make your car booking.

Marmaras is well known for it's long and clean beaches, trendy beach bars, cosmopolitan center and nightlife. The village is amphitheatrically built on a mountain and the center is spread around a small harbor. Neos Marmaras has some long stretched beaches which are close to the center of the village. You can choose to stay all day at a sun bed of a beach bar or find yourself a quiet place on the beach. At the end of the day you can enjoy the beautiful sunset while sitting at one of the numerous terasses or taverns. The center of Neos Marmaras is full of taverns, bars, terasses, tourist shops and restaurants. At night many visitors take a walk in the busy center, entertained by street musicians, painters and artists. Neos Marmaras has plenty of shops, markets, a wide variety of accommodation to stay and is an ideal place for families with young children and for young couples as well.

Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos, on the north-east part of Sithonia, is a mountainous village, famous for the traditional 19th century houses that are characteristic examples of popular architecture. Agios Nikolaos is close to Pirgadikia, Vourvourou and to the port of Ormos Panagias (2km), from where you can take a boat excursion to Mount Athos. Thessaloniki is at a distance of 120 km. Agios Nikolaos has about 2000 inhabitants and they are famous for their produced tsipouro (a strong sort of ouzo) and honey. It is nice to walk through the village or to visit the beaches that are on a close distance. In Agios Nikolaos and in the surroundings as well there are numerous of accommodation to stay.

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Gerakini village is one of the main tourist resorts of the region of Halkidiki and attracts thousands of visitors every summer. Gerakini was first founded by workmen from the magnesite mines located north of the village. The main beach of the village is Skala and is characterized by a long white sandy beach in crystal waters surrounded by two impressive pine-covered hills. The surrounding area proposes many hotels and restaurants. As for car rental services, do not bother looking around... You have already found the best! Check our price list and contact us to book now!


Holiday resort in Vourvourou was introduced and developed by the staff of the University of Thessaloniki, in the sixties. The village is located 10 km south of Agios Nikolaos and is famous for the quality of its beaches combined with the pine tree forests and the general authentic beauty… The area of Vourvourou is faced by 10 small islets wich form a bay that reminds a calm lake. Don't forget to visit the famous karidi beach! The sun will be hot, but the shadow of the pine trees will be by your side. Heat will not also be a problem while travelling, because our air-contitioned cars will be waiting for you at the airport to give you a cool trip to this magnificent destination! Book your car now!